High Power
Fully Tubular Battery

We offer a wide range of Tubular Batteries that are known for their robust build and superior performance. These high-performance batteries are suitable for a large number of applications and are used widely by our customers all across the nation.

We offer to our customer a wide range of Tubular Batteries that produce high power & Amp capacity and stands for tough operating conditions.

These batteries are designed extremely strong and assembled with tubular positive and negative pasted flat plates, using microporous separators for insulation. This system reduces the topping up frequency, which is supported with proper voltage control in the case of 12V batteries once in six months and in a year.

Batteries are like heart of the Inverters. Being the main power source, a reliable battery can provide an uninterrupted power supply for longer hours.

However, if you choose an incompatible battery size, the inverter becomes completely useless. So, it is very important to consider certain factors before purchasing an inverter battery. Few factors are mentioned below…

What’s the ideal tubular battery capacity for a small home?

The amount of charge a battery can hold is measured in Ampere hour (Ah). If a tubular battery can provide one ampere of current for one hour, it’s capacity is 1Ah. If the battery can provide one ampere of current for 100 hours, the capacity is 100Ah. You can calculate the tubular battery capacity needed for your home by multiplying the load requirements with hours of backup you need. We have a handy load calculator here to help you find out the best tubular and battery combination for your home.

What is a deep cycle home tubular battery?

A deep cycle tubular battery is designed to withstand multiple charges and discharge cycles. The best tubular batteries are designed to repeatedly discharge up to 80% of full capacity and recharged without affecting power backup time.

Which water should be used for topping up the batteries?

Inverter batteries should be topped up regularly to maintain the electrolyte level in the battery. We should always use distilled water to top up the battery to get maximum life out of it. In case distilled water is not available we can also use Boiled water (after cooling to Room Temp).

What is pro-rata warranty offered with tubular batteries?

Pro-rata warranty applies to non-repairable products like residential and commercial tubular batteries. If a tubular battery fails before the end of the warranty period, you can have it replaced by paying a partial amount based on the age of the battery. For example, if your tubular battery is covered under 42+24* month (free of cost + pro-rata) warranty, and it fails in the 50th month, then 75% value of the battery will be deducted from its price and you will get 25% discount on the MRP of a new battery. The new inverter battery will be covered under a new 42+24* month warranty.

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