Turbo Tubular @C10

Turbo Tubular @c10 batteries are specifically designed batteries that by their very nature and chemical composition, lend themselves perfectly to solar-powered systems. Specially designed tubular plates using pressure die casting machine and ultra-safe PE separators and selenium alloy grids. Large container to accommodate 30% extra electrolyte. Ceramic vent plug with water level Indicator. Quick recharge formulation. Automated production with State-of-the-Artmachinery.

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Three times longer life - Value for money.

Low self-discharge, Resulting in less power loss and Quick recharging.

Low maintenance required - Economical in the long run.

Visual indication – Prevents premature failure, Less replacement cost.

Save Electricity – Fewer Power bills.

Consistent quality & lower failure rate.- Low Downtime and fewer headaches of service.


 Solar & Wind Power Applications
 Long backup UPS Systems
 IT Parks Switchgear Operations
 Residential & Industrial Inverter


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